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Who Is Jordan Ward?

Jordan Ward

Jordan Ward

Jordan Ward is one of the new stars of MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’. Jordan is a 18-year-old former model.

She and Brian, her boyfriend of two years have a 16 months son Noah. Unfortunately, their son suffers from acid reflux disease.
Jordan accepted to give an interview for Us Weekly. Here’s what she said.

US: Why did you want to go on 16 and Pregnant?
Jordan Ward: I just felt like my story was different from past 16 and Pregnant girls. My boyfriend is still a huge part of the picture and a great dad, and I hope someone out there can relate.
US: Are you a fan of Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2? Which mom do you relate to the most? Why?
JW: Yes, I love both seasons! I think it really does show how hard being a teen mom really is. I would have to say I relate to Leah  Messer the most. I know Noah’s health problems aren’t as serious as Aliannah’s, but the long days and nights in the hospital helped me to relate to the difficulties she faced with her daughter.
US: How long had you and Brian been dating when you got pregnant?
JW: We were only dating 5 months when I got pregnant.
US: Are you still together? How long has it been now?
JW: Yes we are still together, and it will be two years on April 28th!
US: How is your relationship? Do you get alone time? What do you like to do as a couple?
JW: Our relationship keeps getting stronger. It’s not that often, but we get alone time when we can, and try to go to the movies a couple times a month after Noah is in bed.
US: How are his daddy skills?
JW: Brian still wakes up in the middle of night if Noah wakes up! I’m lucky that he is such a good a dad!
US: When you argue, what do you argue about?
JW: Brian says “we only argue when I’m being a butt head.” Haha! Other than that we have small fights here and there but usually nothing too serious.
US: Any marriage plans?
JW: We actually got married in January! We started planning our wedding on a Friday and got married on a Wednesday. It went very fast!
US: Tell Us about Noah. What is his personality like?
JW: Aside from when his acid reflux is acting up, he is an all around fun and playful baby. Every time he wakes up he greets me with a smile.
US: Who does he resemble?
JW: Noah definitely resembles me. If you compare my baby picture and his baby picture, the lips, hair and chubby cheeks are all almost identical.
US: How is his acid reflux?
JW: With daily medication his acid reflux has gotten better. However, without the medication he still suffers from spit-up attacks where stomach acid gets into his mouth and nose.
US: What are his latest milestones?
JW: Noah crawls everywhere! He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. He also just learned how to sit up on his own, and recently he cut three teeth all in the same weekend!
US: Switching gears: Do you have your GED?
JW: Yes.
US: What do you want to do career-wise?
JW: When Noah gets older and more independent, I plan on pursuing a career in photography.
US: Do you think you’ll return to modeling?
JW: I probably will not return to modeling. After pregnancy my body is definitely not the same, and modeling would mean a lot of time away from my family.
US: Do you ever stop to think of the things you’ve missed out on?
JW: Yeah, I imagine what it would be like living in a college dorm or going to college at all for that matter. It would have been nice to have that college experience and to be able to go out with friends whenever I want to. But I do eventually plan on going to college some day.
US: How does being a mom make you feel?
JW: I don’t feel like a teen anymore, that’s for sure. And I don’t like being labeled as a teen mom too much, either. I didn’t know taking care of a baby would be as hard as it is, but Noah is my responsibility, so I don’t ask my family to wake up with him if he wakes up.

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kt said on

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

that picture is not Jordan Ward lol

emily said on

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Noah is not 16 months old. he is 9 months old

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