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Video – Marilyn Monroe Smoking Marijuana!

Marilyn Monroe

We all loved Marilyn Monroe! But that doesn’t mean we can ignore her weaknesses like smoking marijuana, for example. A video showing screen legend smoking pot was made publicly 50 years after being filmed. In the video, the actress looks very relaxed while joined by some friends. The scene dates back to 1958 or 1959. “I had it up in my attic all this time. Home movies, that’s all it was. It was never a big deal for me.People have never seen her in such a relaxed pose”, the woman who shot the silent home movie told She also confirms that Marilyn was regularly smoking pot. The woman refused to tell her name or to give any reason for why she hasn’t released the video earlier. New York-based collector Keya Morgan bought the film for $275,000 and plans to sell it in an auction. She is also working on a documentary on the death of Monroe. Now if the unknown woman who made the video kept the silence until now and now she sells it, it means that she didn’t need money until now, right?
Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose in 1962.

[youtube HZ0GMATV9sw]

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