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Is Vanessa Paradis Entitled to Johnny Depp’s Fortune?

Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis Johnny Depp fortune: how much is she entitled to get?

No one knows for sure when did exactly Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis actually split. One thing is for sure: there have been rumors about them breaking up for a year.

According to People, in the past few months, the two tried to work things out, but in vain. While the actual date of their split may not be that important, what is really important is what is going to happen from now on?

They have two children together, one of them being a teenager. Vanessa has already been seen house hunting in Beverly Hills in late May. At the time, Johnny Depp was still denying their split. So why was looking Vanessa for a house?

“It’s so sad. Johnny and Vanessa gambled that they could move to California and be on long stays on film locations for his career. They bet that things would continue there as they had in the south of France. They lost that bet. She went seven years between albums and films, while he became Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates films”, one source told The Sun.

Meanwhile, Depp was romantically linked to his Rum Diaries co-star Amber Heard. The blonde bi-sexual was seen boarding Johnny’s private jet to Las Vegas in April. The actor was also seen leaving Ashley Olsen’s apartment building in May.

49-year-old Depp is worth an estimated $300million. He also has homes in Meudon, in the suburbs of Paris, two in Los Angeles, an island he bought in The Bahamas and their villa in Le Plan-de-la-Tour, a small town 20 km from Saint-Tropez, in the south of France. our wonder is: has 39-year-old Vanessa reached a financial settlement? What will happen with the kids ( daughter Lily-Rose, 13, and son John, 10)?

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