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Toni Braxton Naked for Playboy at 43!?

Toni Braxton naked

Toni Braxton naked

At 43-year-old Toni Braxton is considering to pose naked for Playboy.

“New Year, New opportunities. So I have been considering taking up Playboy’s offer to feature me on their cover this year. What you think? I would love to pose with Hugh Hefner though. He’s the sexiest guy I know over 30″, the singer wrote on Twiter on Tuesday.
Last October, Toni filed for bankruptcy, claiming she owes between $10 million and $50 million in unpaid debts. So the girl needs a job, especially since she’s been asked to pose for Playboy three times before”.

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phoenman said on

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Why not?! She's sexier at 43 than a lot of twenty-somethings. Besides, we have already seen everything but the coochie. Think of her body as a work of art and appreciate the beauty. Remember, what God gave to the world, let no man put asunder. Youi want to hide roses, or sunrise?

norman clifton said on

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

i think your beautiful inside out i need someone like you your wonderful and fun to be around need you as a friend in my life your so confident in god also strong minded please communcate to me keep doing what you do 678 914-1750 call

Dennis Sheehy said on

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Hello Toni , If you ever get to read this comment or if someone should by chance read my comment to you, I just wanted to say as many fans will agree , You are absolutely beautiful and I would love to be fortunate to see pictures of you in a copy of a Playboy Magazine . Your body is amazing and please know that most 19 year old bodies that I see walking down the street in the northern NJ Metropolitan area that I live in can't come close to having a body and shape that you have, Again I can go on and on about your beauty but not to sound like a broken record ,Opp's I'm showing my age LoL :-) 38 by the way , (scratched CD or Better yet broken iPod/MP3 player, You are absolutely a work of art from your beautiful pleasant voice , To the way you dress and hold yourself in a classy and sophisticated manner. You make the young age of 43 the new 20 :-) . If I had any way of persuasion then I sure hope that my comment here is a pull of your arm into the direction that will have you share your gorgeous body so we can see all of you in Playboy, if you do decide to do the Playboy Centerfold spread I will be one of you happiest fans , Yours Sincerly, Dennus Sheehy Ps: (Pease keep some hair down below), not bald yuck :-)

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