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The Duggars Distribute Photo of Miscarried Child During His Funeral

The Duggars' miscarried child

The Duggars' miscarried child

This is a little bit weird, but then again, what’s not weird about the Duggars. Michelle suffered a miscarriage on Sunday in her 2nd trimester and she decided to bury her miscarried child.

The family from TLC’s ’19 Kids & Counting’ took a picture of the fetal corpse and distributed it at the memorial along with the message “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”. The photo was also posted on Twitter. A memorial held on line, what a great idea.
The memorial of the unborn child was held  at their church in Arkansas.
The baby was supposed to be Duggars’ 20th child, a gilr named Jubilee Shalom.

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Christina said on

Friday, December 16th, 2011

The organization Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep exists to help families build memories of children who were miscarried, stillborn, or who died shortly after birth. Their volunteer photographers are on call 24/7 and trained to take and modify photographs so that the families have keepsakes. It's often necessary to photograph only the baby's hands and feet, or to do major color adjusting, etc., because the babies often have suffered perimortem or postmortem injury. The Duggars aren't the only family using those services to cope with their loss. Until you go through something like that, I'd suggest holding your tongue.

Amber said on

Friday, December 16th, 2011

As a mother who's experienced having a still born baby, I find that the TMZ writer and staff  are heartless and ignorant nonprofessionals. That they would dare call these beautiful pictures weird shows their lack of compassion, research, ignorance, and incompetence as professionals. Millions of women, unfortunately, experience the terrible tragedy of losing their unborn child. Yet, that baby was still a life that was lost, and the baby to many of us was loved from the moment we discovered we were pregnant. Taking pictures of a still born baby is nothing eerie or unusual it's done regularly, and some people touch them up and hang them in their homes to share with guests simply because we wish to have a photo of our baby. We have so little time to hold our precious babies and memorize their little faces and features. I personally took pictures of my precious Zach and have looked at them many times. I find that TMZ using this families loss for gain or to belittle their choices during such a heartbreaking time as something far more vulgar, weird, heartless, and so so disrespectful. Furthermore, that anyone would belittle or act as if the pictures of that precious little babies feet are weird, and to attack their family or any family during such a heartbreaking time for something you cannot possibly comment on until you yourself have experienced giving birth to a child that although was born still was still born and is no less of a human being. In my opinion the writers and TMZ staff are the ones who need to feel shameful and see a doctor to make sure they still have hearts. I suggest as journalist, even the low class type of journalism TMZ is known for, they should have enough professionalism to do a little research, and they would have found that these types of pictures are FAR more common. Every family who's lived through this heartbreaking loss can tell you these pictures are cherished. Remember thousands of your readers are women and they may have either known someone or lived through this experience themselves, and might have taken pictures as well. Keep that in mind when you write about such a heartbreaking loss as if it's nothing, and belittle the choices these mourning families made. I call for TMZ to issue a public apology to the Duggars, and the millions of other families who have endured this kind of loss and took pictures of their precious angels to keep as well as share with others of their precious babies. You have virtually called everyone of us who have lost our babies weird as well. I hope nothing like this happens to you or your family members, but if it does I hope you look back on this very article, and you are forced to eat your own words... Remember there is this thing called Karma!!

C. Russell RN said on

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Was "supposed to be" their child? That WAS their child! As a perinatal bereavement loss group nurse and mother to a child stillborn at 21 weeks, this was not only an ignorant but blatantly insulting and disgusting article. The Duggars are goin through perfectly normal means to cope with their loss. This not only is insulting to them but every other parent who has ever had the misfortune to suffer this type of heartache.

Lisa said on

Friday, December 16th, 2011

I too am a Mother to and angel born still. I too have pictures of my baby girl. Yes my baby girl. Not an unborn fetus. She was beautiful. She had a name. While she was inside me I became very close as any mother and child. Feeling her moving inside. Smiling at every twitch and squirm. Until 8 weeks before she was to take her first breaths on earth....for some reason her tiny heart stopped beating. It was one of the most devastating times of my life. Just because this family has all these children doesn't mean it was any less heartbreaking for them. I think some of the people are more pro choice and tend to think of these babies as not being babies but (Just a fetus) Makes it easier for them when someone has an abortion at that time in the pregnancy. It is just "IT". I think it makes people see tiny baby feet. I also have my daughter cremated and have her ashes in an angel urn. I also wear a heart necklace that has a portion of her ashes. Does that creep you people out too? Because it is the only way I can keep her memory alive. She would be 6. I imagine everyday what she would look like. I will always love her. Can't people just be kind and stop judging others. A simple I'm sorry for your loss. And don't look if it makes you uncomfortable. Thanks for listening. And my thoughts and feelings are with all of you out there missing their angels.

somersetoneil13 said on

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

The issue isn't that they took a picture, developed a picture, or shared the picture. They posted it on freaking Twitter, get a clue people. I couldn't imaging taking a picture of my deceased child and posting it on Facebook! That is something that should be shared in private. TMZ isn't the only group of people "passing judgement" on the Duggars, either. It's shameful that they're having so much fun in the bedroom that their kids don't even get to be kids, they're too busy raising their brothers and sisters. What a wonderful life, you have to take care of your younger siblings because Mom and Dad don't have time. I seriously doubt that the folks at TMZ are going to be struck down by karma anytime soon for thinking the Duggars are weird and talking about it. How about you all not judging other lest ye be judged yourself? Oh, my bad. That only works for bible thumping idiots who think they're better than everyone else. They said it was weird. Big. Freaking. Deal. Stop acting like it's an attack on stillborn babies. It's not.

N/A said on

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

I lost my son to SUID on July 30, 2011. The foundation that took these pictures also wanted to take Collin's pictures. I opted not to but I was in shock and had no idea what was going on. I think it is sweet and precious. I bet the person who wrote this is also for abortions as well. Oh funny how the person who said the bible thumpers such and such whatever..... Im sorry you feel that we as Christians have hurt you in a way that you need to feel like we are better than you, we arent, im not.. Sounds like to me the enemy is lying to you.... There is alot more to that scripture than just how you judge people is how you will be judged. Anyways very sad story. A baby is a baby no matter how big or how small. I know it is very tough to have to bury your child, very unfair. Praying God wraps his arms around them and gives the peace that surpasses all understanding. Also praying for the people at TMZ may everyone who works there find God, if they have to yet to recive Jesus as their Lord and have a blessed and highly favored life, praying they will be welcomed into enternity with Jesus in Heaven. Yall have a great day!

SomethingReal said on

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Seriously I absolutely and 100 percent agree with somersetoneil13. I was raised a bible thumper/pentecostal with the whole speaking in tongues and as a kid I thought those people were nuts and I still do to this day. The Duggars remind me very much of those spaced out creepy people. I have no problem with the pictures and I have a friend that lost her child and used one of these services but she didn't go sharing it on FB or Twitter. Yes I support the right to have an abortion and if you people that don't would do your research on it then you might find that being pro abortion isn't nearly as bad as people that give birth to their unwanted children and beat them to death or cause so much mental pain that their children end up mentally dysfunctional. It is a proven fact that child abuse has gone down since legalized abortion.. hmmm...wonder why. I should be able to have my right to defend how I feel about it just like you do. Spare me all the Satan is deceiving me BS while you are at it. I could go on and on about this family and the whole dynamics of separation of church and state but that will be for another time and place.

DS said on

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Someone always has to be mean when commenting don't they? You both don't need to be jerks about your opinions...there are more diplomatic, respectful ways to say what you're both trying to say...grow up! Anyway, I'm not a Christian, but I also don't have the animosity you both apparently have toward them. Get over it! Obviously some of the commentors are deeply effected by having lost babies themselves, and the TMZ article was too non-chalant about it. Yes...some people will find the pictures weird or each their own. I personally think they are beautiful and I'm glad that they utilized social media to convey their love and loss. People who have not gone through the loss of a baby in utero tend to downplay the seriousness of it's not that big a deal...because it's out of sight out of mind for so many. These pictures will help so many to really see it for the loss it truly is for parents.

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