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Spike TV’s “Top 10 Actresses Past Their Expiration Date”

Julia Roberts

It is maybe funny for us, but the newly grey hair and liposuction/Botox actresses may not be that happy to see themselves on Spike TV’s list of the “Top 10 Actresses Past Their Expiration Date”. According to this list, the top’s one place is held by Julia Roberts! She may have the other awards in her shop window, but this one really goes directly into her closet. The list also contains name like:

  • No. 10 Nicole Kidman who’s maybe old because of her coldness rather than due to her real age
  • No. 9 Teri Hatcher who thought that being skinny means being sexy and turned into a mummy
  • No. 8 Drew Barrymore who’s still just a chubby face attached on a chubby body
  • No 7. Helen Hunt who’s anorexia badly affected her skin
  • No 6. Renee Zellweger who used to be cute when the squinty-eyed circle of a face were passing as girly cheeks
  • No. 5 Lindsay Lohan who’s 23 going on 50 already
  • No. 4 Sarah Jessica Parker who’s pretty due to her special dressing style, but nothing more
  • No. 3 Meg Ryan who’s a sweet actress, but who’s worst action was to overreact  the Botox use
  • No. 2 Cameron Diaz who’s still nice, but wears too much make-up so we really can not know what is behind that

and as we said

  • No. 1 Julia Roberts who turned the ‘Pretty Woman’ into a ‘Wrinkled Woman’.

No, we are not talking about their acting, just their faces!

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AMS said on

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

This is a cruel article. What does it mean by past their expiration date? Never mind that the majority of these actresses are very talented and have earned their fame, and continue to do so. TV channels like Spike that have articles and/or shows about this kind of thing proves that they are run by shallow frat -boy types with low IQ's and only care for appearances. So go ahead and look at the Kardishian fools who have done nothing to earn their fame and I'll continue to watch talented people. Just remember, the jackoff that wrote this article will age, is aging now, and will one day be past their "expiration date".

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