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Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin Accusing Julian Assange of Rape!

I Thought, I Thought I Saw Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin‘s Photos! I did, I did!

Sofia Wilen / Anna Ardin

Sofia Wilen / Anna Ardin

The names and photos of the two women accusing Julian Assange of rape were launched. The women are Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin. We don’t know much about Sofia Wilen, but it looks like Anna Ardin had ties to a CIA backed anti-Fidel Castro group.
Due to these women’s accusations, WikiLeaks leader Julien Assange was taken into custody in London and is fighting extradition to Sweden.

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adam said on

Friday, December 10th, 2010

how come all the ugly girls accuse men of raping them? The Sofia one looks like gotten rapped - many times by a monkey.

John Smith said on

Monday, December 13th, 2010

How much are paid ?

Karl said on

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

I must state this regarding Julian Assange. Clearly very few Swedish people have a clue how much the two evil-doing girls and the insane Swedish In-justice system has damaged the Swedish National reputation in the eyes of the civilized world. Maybe a disaster waiting to happen? I'm ashamed of being of Swedish origin living in Australia near where Julian was born. This is because of what a corrupt Swedish injustice system is doing to the new International information hero of the century. All Australians and other people I have met understand that it is a set-up and not about a real crime. A man that created Wikileaks that has become the foremost source of relevant general political information on the planet. I am motivated because I once knew an Assange in Uppsala who was brutally assassinated in his sleep next to where I lived 1979. He was killed by a former girlfriend because he had met a younger companion. She faked acute hysteria during a party and he said bye-for-now to his girl and staid to lend X some help and protect her from doing something stupid. Later in his sleep she jumped on top of him and with donas trapping him went to work stabbing him to death. The murderess fled and was hiding with a friend for a week before handing herself in. Without any evidence (like little sperm amongst the blood-soaked bedding) the murderess CLAIMIED SHE HAD BEEN RAPED, and the Uppsala prosecutor said: Well, I suppose it is OK then. No charge was ever put to a court for testing of evidence etc. Because I knew a little of this story from the inside, as a healthy single heterosexually active young man I could no longer feel safe in my country of birth. I did not leave Sweden just for this outrageous example of a insane sexist Swedish legal system, but sure -it had some influence. My advice to Julian Assange is to stay far far away from the Swedish In-Justice system at any cost because it is populated by too many unhappy weird radicals with a sexist anti-male agenda. In other areas the Swedish law may be OK, but a male on sex-charges have as much hope as any of the 40,000 "witches" burnt alive annually during the worst period of the medieval Catholic church. Upon closer examination like reading ancient transcripts of court room proceedings you will probably be amazed how similar the process was at the medieval church-courts and in Sweden today - it is all about HEARSAY now and in past medieval times. (Maybe just opposite to traditional Muslin Sharia Law where a male statement outdo two female statements. Same same but different...) HERE FOLLOWS THE MOST TRUTHFUL and as anyone that has been ANYWHERE at any time will immediately recognize, as the most plausible account of the true events concerning Julian. I'm sure you too have met some girls like Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilén as well, maybe even many times? Please consider donating to WikiLeaks struggle against politically motivated witch-hunts by the increasingly exposed Political Cardinals in power today!

American Dreamer (Roving Gawker Exile) said on

Monday, December 20th, 2010

I am disgusted by the vicious nature of the many people attacking the two alleged victims on this site. These women are entitled to seek justice for the crime committed against them and are entitled to their day in court. The fact that the people posting comments on this site are making accusations against them without knowing all the facts is vile and reprehensible. These women could be your mothers, your sisters, your daughters. If Assange has nothing to hide he should be on the first plane back to Sweden to answer the questions of the investigators.

Gita said on

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

How come a victim of rape does organize a party for the perpetractor after the incidente? How come a victim of rape prepare breakfast for the perpetractor after the incidente? How come after the rape the victim pay a train ticket to the perpetractor? Are Anna Ardin & Sofia Willen victims of Julian Assange or victims of the poeple they want to stop wikileaks activity?

Ariel said on

Friday, December 24th, 2010

While I cannot stand Assange and his egotrip ride to fame riding over everybody else, including Manning, this is complete bogus from start to end. These women appear to be the stereotypical scandinavian ultrafeminists who would jail a man that looked at them from afar without their permission. Still, quite funny that the most extreme PC-women you could ever find turns on one of the biggest USA-haters in history of mankind, IMHO. The world of the insane is indeed insane.

vsaluki said on

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Dreamer: "These women are entitled to seek justice for the crime committed against them and are entitled to their day in court." There was no crime committed against them. They are seeking revenge for being double timed. "If Assange has nothing to hide he should be on the first plane back to Sweden to answer the questions of the investigators." Assange was in Sweden for five weeks after the incident. He had permission to leave from Swedish authorities. He has already volunteered to answer any question by phone, videoconference, or for anyone that the Swedish prosecutor wishes to send to England. The feminist Swedish prosecutors allowed Ardin to report her case over the phone. Why can't Assange do the same? "These women could be your mothers, your sisters, your daughters." Assange could be your father, your brother, your son. How is that relevant?

salli said on

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

I am not shocked at how vile some bloggers can be. It's very sad that the two women who have (allegedly or not) suffered sexual molestation by Assange cannot get the justice they seek and have to contend with the abuse from mindless idiots (as in comments above) who wouldn't like it if julian Assange did it to them and would be first to react and demand judicial procedure. Wake up to the reality of the situation and believe what you may but he is innocent until proven guilty, as are these women who are intelligent enough to realise that it's not something you accuse an international figure of without nastiness form people like those commenting above, yet they deserve to be heard, fairly - as does he.

alvaro re said on

Thursday, August 16th, 2012


fred said on

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Assange had sex with both girls without using a rubber. Both girls thought it was a mindless mistake on the part of Assange until they found out about each other and compared notes. Of course they were pissed off that Assange was sleeping around and that they weren't that special. Of course they were pissed off that Assange viewed them both as holes, but they were really pissed off when they realized that he was trying to spread his seed and get them pregnant without their ok. This is what it is all about with the two girls.

Bruno said on

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Deram por que quiseram!

Meg said on

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

Let's have a sense of proportion. The punishment far exceeds the crime. The suffering of the two women amounts to the same suffering almost every 20 something young woman who jumps into bed too soon with a man soon experiences. C'mon we've all done it. It hurts but you soon learn that it ain't too clever and no you don't get scarred for life. It's abundantly clear that Assange is being persecuted. Two timing dog though he may be, the man does not deserve what he has been through. This is a clear message being sent by the powers that be in order to serve as a warning to anyone who might oppose the heavy hand of the ruling .0001%. The antics of these two women do nothing but trivialize the real suffering of women worldwide who actually have been brutally raped and do more damage to feminism than any chauvinist ever could. I think it's disgusting what they have done.

andy said on

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Time for men to wake up, stay away from western women, they are better off without men

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