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Sean Penn To Esquire: I’ve never been loved

Sean Penn Esquire

Sean Penn Esquire: I've never been loved

Is Sean Penn a victim? The 52-year-old actor says he has never felt loved. The Oscar winner opens up about his love life to Esquire magazine.

The actor was married twice. The first time to Madonna from 1985 to 1989, then to Robin Wright from 1996 until 2009.

Despite his tumultuous relationship with both her wives, the actor insists he has never been loved. “There is no shame in saying that we all want to be loved by someone. As I look back over my life in romance, I don’t feel I’ve ever had that. I have been the only one that was unaware of the fraud in a few of these circumstances blindly”, he tells Esquire.

He also says that he was disappointed about one of his marriage, presumably with Wright. He says he only discovered the truth behind his marriage when it was over. “When you get divorced, all the truths that come out, you sit there and you go, ‘What the f**k was I doing? What was I doing believing that this person was invested in this way?’ Which is a fantastically strong humiliation in the best sense. It can make somebody very bitter and very hard and closed off, but I find it does the opposite to me”, he says.

Another issue is his struggle with co-parenting. Being a father to two adults is not an easy thing for him. Penn and Wright are parents to daughter Dylan, 21, and son Hopper, 19. “It had already been eight months of divorce and s**t, and raising a kid that’s going through the divorce himself, and then this f**king thing happens … it was a tough, tough time”, he explains.

At some point, Hopper who had been living with him following the divorce, moved back in with Wright. The actor is joking about the situation, but it’s tough for him. “I thought, ‘Wow, I can actually go on a date.’ And so I go out and I strike out four nights in a row, drinking at a bar and ending up home, you know, drunk. And on the fourth day I said, ‘I could just go sit in the middle of the bed and watch TV at four in the afternoon, too. I don’t have anything’.  My daughter’s … doing her thing, my son’s with his mother”, he says.

We really didn’t know he was that sad.

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