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Russell Brand Inks Religious Tattoo

Russell Brand

Russell Brand inks religious tattoo

Russell Brand has turned to God! Yes, it’s what usually happens after you make sure your life is a mess. You get an Jesus t-shirt and you pretend you are sorry.

The 37-year-old actor was spotted with a new tattoo on his right arm. “Lord, make me a channel of thy peace”, reads the tattoo. The expression is a religious passage often recited in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Brand was seen walking barefoot in Los Angeles over the weekend. It’s what Jesus did, right?

Anyway, the ink comes in the wake of news he is to appear on a BBC documentary detailing his dark past.

Russell Brand is a former addict. He has been sober for 10 year. The documentary shows an young Brand smoking crack in a dingy apartment in London.

“This is when you know it’s a disease. It doesn’t matter that I sat in that flat in Hackney and now I’m in the Savoy. I’m jealous of me then. It doesn’t make a difference to me. The money, the fame, the power, the sex, the women — none of it. I’d rather be a drug addict”, he says.

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