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Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross Post-Affair Meeting

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

Rupert Sanders Liberty Ross reunited; photo source:

It’s revenge time! Rupert Sanders has finally met his wife Liberty Ross. The two were seen outside Judi’s Deli in Beverly Hills yesterday. According to TMZ, the two met at an office building in the vicinity.

They probably talked about their marriage which was pretty much ruined by his affair. 41-year-old Sanders cheated on his wife with 22-year-old Kristen Stewart. The two met on the set of  ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. Meanwhile, Kristen has been dating 26-year-old Robert Pattinson while having the affair with Sanders.

Back to Liberty Ross’ meeting with her husband. She was not wearing her wedding ring. The director, instead, was wearing his. This is the first time when the two estranged partners meet after the affair was made public.

Later that day, Liberty was seen smiling and looking a little bit flirty in the company of another man. We don’t know who was the mystery man, but the mother-of-two seemed happy to be with him.

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