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Rupert Sanders, Liberty Ross Hug After Counseling Session

Rupert Sanders Liberty Ross hug

Rupert Sanders Libery Ross hug; photo source:

Rupert Sanders and his wife Liberty Ross are no longer two strangers. It looks like somehow, Rupert convinced Liberty to forgive his infidelity. The two were seen sharing a big hug after leaving a counseling session in Beverly Hills Wednesday, October 17.

Rupert and Liberty began the counseling session soon after the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal broke. Libert was so upset at the time, that she went to see a divorce lawyer. But she never filed for divorce. The mother-of-two probably wants to save her marriage. But she has a few rules that Rupert has to respect.

The main point is that Rupert can’t ever cheat on her again. That’s a little hilarious, don’t you think? He has already given his word to be faithfull when they got married. He lied. Why would he be honest this time? Wait, that’s just Libery fooling herself.

Anyway, back to their hug. It could be a sign they are on the right road. But neither Rupert nor Liberty was wearing a wedding ring at the time of the hug. Rupert and Liberty arrived and left separately.

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