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Roman Abramovich Paid $ 52, 000 for a Lunch!

Roman Abramovich's lunch bill Photo Source -

We are not being indiscreet, but how much money do you make a year? Because if your annual amount is less than $ 52, 000, you will never be able to pay Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s lunch! Yes, we heard us well. This is how the Chelsea Football Club owner paid for a meal, including the tip. Actually the real amount was 47,221. 09 and adding the 26% tip, that makes $ 52, 000. At the lunch 10 people were invited and they’ve eaten white truffles, filet mignon and expensive wine (at $ 10, 000 or even 15, 000 a bottle). That is even more than Jay-Z left in the same restaurant last week ($ 1, 700 for a lunch). But anyway, imagine you eating for $ 5,200 at one table and then pretend football doesn’t bring nice money!

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Anna W said on

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

There is nothing about Chelsea. Have you heard about Chukotka? People are starving to death there.

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