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Robert Pattinson Named Sexiest Man by Glamour UK

Robert Pattinson named sexiest man in the world in 2012 by Galmour UK

Robert Pattinson named sexiest man in the world in 2012 by Galmour UK

Robert Pattinson was named World’s Sexiest Man by readers of Glamour UK. It looks like a conspiracy theory to us. Fist Kristen Stewart chated on him (that wasn’t part of the conspiracy or it’s hard to believe this could be the truth).

Then they spend a few months apart. A few weeks ago, rumors about them reuniting surfaced, but no one has seen them together. So it could be that Rob allowed Kristen’s camp to put out rumors to that effect.

The reason? They have to promote The Twilight Saga once again. Imagine how Twihards will go nuts when these two are going to appear together for a series of premiere dates.

Now he’s named the World’s Sexiest Man. It’s like saying they need to repair his image as a man.
But let’s go back to the sexiest men alive.
Here’s Galmour’s top 20:
1. Robbert Pattinson; 2. Tom Hiddleston; 3. Johnny Depp; 4. Michael Fassbender; 5. Benedict Cumberbatch; 6. Robert Downey Jr; 7. Taylor Lautner; 8. Paul Wesley; 9. James McAvoy; 10. Henry Cavill; 11. Cory Monteith; 12. Ian Somerhalder; 13. Ed Westwick; 14. Alexander Skarsgard; 15. Joe Manganiello; 16. Danny O’Donoghue; 17. Ryan Gosling; 18. Christian Bale; 19. Chris Hemsworth; 20. Tom Hardy.

Maybe we should focus on Tom Hiddleston. If he’s not in a situation similar to Rob’s, then maybe he’s the real winner. And how about Johnny Depp taking the third place? We bet Johnny is going to be on tops until he turns 80.

Ryan Goslling is only the 17th, while Robert Downey Jr is the sixth. Come on, you guys! Ryan is far more sexy that Robert. No offense!

We love that they put Benedict Cumberbatch on top 5. He might not be what we can call a sexy man in the word’s common sense, but he has something attractive. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s atypical.

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