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Rihanna White Powder Picture Unveiled

Rihanna white powder

Rihanna white powder picture unveiled

Rihanna white powder picture unveiled causing controversy. The 24-year-old singer posted picture of herself “cutting up” a white powered substance on the top of a man’s head.

She shared the photo on photo-sharing website Instagram from her time at American music festival Coachella. The picture shows Rihanna on the shoulders of a mystery man. The photo has was joined by the caption “Memories don’t live like people do #coachella”.

The singer was at Coachella with her good friend Katy Perry.

Soon after posting the photo, Rihanna received over 1000 comments from her fans. While some of them were wandering if the singer “rolled a blunt on that dude’s head”, referring to marijuana, others  questioned if the substance was cocaine. “Is that weed or coke?” one fan directly asked.

Soon after she cause this huge controversy, Rihanna took Twitter and wrote: “I’m crazy and I don’t pretend to be anything else”.

This is not the first time when Rihanna shares controversial photos of herself. Earlier this year she shared a picture with her on holiday in Hawaii. The photo shows the singer smoking what appeared to be marijuana.

The singer has become more and more troubled in the past few months. It’s probably time for her to relax. Maybe find herself a nice man. Recently, she was sexually linked to Ashton Kutcher and she confessed her crush on ‘Battleship’ co-star 59-year-old Liam Neeson. Rumor also had it that she’s still secretly dating her former boyfriend and abuser Chris Brown. This girl better find herself a different kind of man. She needs someone to help her calm down. The singer seemed to be just fine while dating Matt Kemp for the whole 2010. But soon after they split she started to be romantically linked to just everyone available. Plus her raunchy new videos reveal that she has a very troubled existence right now.

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