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Rihanna Not Dating Darren McFadden

Rihanna Darren McFadden

Rihanna Darren McFadden dating?

Rihanna is not dating Darren McFadden. Or at least she’s not admitting a relationship with him. Rumor had the singer was spotted making out in Hawaii with McFadden a couple weeks ago.

The singer was also seen wearing a Raiders jersey to a New York strip club last week.
But don’t get her wrong! According to TMZ, quoting sources close to Rihanna, the singer did meet him last month in Honolulu, but the relationship didn’t develop. The reason? McFadden was joined by his girlfriend at the meeting where he introduces himself as Rihanna’s fan. It looks like Rihanna was so gentle she bought the two drinks on the beach.

Rihanna is currently promoting her new film ‘Battleship’. Recently, she confessed her crush on co-star Liam Neeson.
“I fell in love with him when I watched Taken and I was so star-struck, I couldn’t even look at him on set. I just had to shut down completely. Then he asked me for a picture with him to send to his son and I was like, ‘Send me this picture, I want it too!’”, the 24-year-old singer told this month’s Company magazine.

But she’s also in love with her other co-star Alexander Skarsgard. “Oh my god, he’s so hot! I mean, I went from gawking at him for hours every time I watched True Blood DVDs back-to-back on tour, then BOOM! He’s on set.I told myself, just breathe, act cool. Basically, I was acting on set and off set!”, she revealed.

Previously, Rihanna dated Chris Brown back in 2009, but they split after he beat her up. Then for the 2010 she had a relationship with Matt Kemp.  But soon after they split, she started to be romantically linked to just everyone available.

24-year-old McFadden is an American football running back who currently plays for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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