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Pregnant Man Wants Another Child

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie

Pregnant man Thomas Beatie trying for his fourth child

Three children are not enough for Thomas Beatie. The Pregnant Man is trying for his fourth child. Months after separating from his wife Nancy, Thomas is once again in love. Now he wants to have a baby with his new girlfriend Amber Nicholas.

“Being pregnant is the most incredible experience. But we want Amber to do it this time around. I think it would be amazing to experience pregnancy as the father”, he told the Sunday Mirror.

And wait, they may get pregnant at the same time. “Amber suggested we both try to get pregnant and whoever gets there first goes through with it”, Beatie added.

Thomas Beatie is a transgender male who preserved his female reproductive organs. He and his former wife Nancy had three children together, and Beatie gave birth to all three. The two of them divorced last April after nine years of marriage.

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