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Photos of Naked Raven-Symone Leaked!

Raven-Symone's naked photo

Raven-Symone's naked photo

Raven-Symone is very upset because some naked pictures of her have leaked over the Internet. The actress claims the photos were taken from her Twitter page.

“Well, there it, happened again…. people think that its a naked picture on my twitter profile…. BUT its not!” Raven wrote on Monday, November 8.

“Well, it happened again. A picture that I put as my twitter profile, got twisted into a story that isn’t true. Lets clear thing up for a second time.1) I AM NOT NAKED, I have had a career that has been a blessing n my life without taking my clothing off… And I have no intention to start now. 2) just because I don’t flaunt around on someones arm all the time, doesn’t not mean people can jump to conclusions”, she wrote to the micro-blogging site.
“You know what happens with rumors like that?my MOM calls me @6am and starts getting in my ‘A.nother S.illy S.weater’”, Raven explained about the photos showing her “butt nekkid”.
Also, the rumor has it, Raven-Symone took the pictures for an alleged female love interest. “About something that’s not true… People. I did not send that to any lady friend. I actually have clothes on. For those who saw my last twitter pix profile, u will recognize it as the store of another false claim by media. I hope everyone reads this and realize I would never alienate anybody in a since that change up my whole way of life for a story,” Raven said.

“Like really stop, please. It makes things so difficult when lies are released about you. And when this ‘rant’ comes out, it will prob be twisted again”, she added.
“MOM, supporters, media: those are not naked pictures, and im not in a relationship with a girl”, the ‘Little Fockers’ said in the end.

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karinsa said on

Monday, April 25th, 2011

i dont think raven took naked picks and i dont think these people should be posting these pics what if it were them

jjasmine said on

Friday, July 20th, 2012

She is not named if u look close you'll see that she has on a white top bye we love u raven

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