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Octomom Dumps Boyfriend Frankie G

Octomom and boyfriend Frankie G

Octomom dumps boyfriend Frankie G

Can you believe it? Octomom is a single woman again! Nadya Suleman and Frankie G have split. National drama!

According to TMZ, Octomom was the one who dumped Frankie G. It all happened a few weeks ago. The reason? She is too busy for a serious relationship!

Oh, really? She was unemployed a while ago, now she is too busy for something that supposed to bring her happiness? Weird!

But, now that we think better, Octomom is indeed very busy, She is juggling XXX gigs and launching a singing career. She is a singer?

Anyway, 36-year-old Nadya only dated 23-year-old amateur bodybuilder Frankie G for three months before she decided to call it quits. Or maybe he did it!

Thanks God they remained friends.

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