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Nicki Minaj Leather Chains Make Weird Fashion Statement

Nicki Minaj leather chains

Nicki Minaj leather chains make weird fashion statement

Nicki Minaj leather chains are making her a slave of fashion. The 29-year-old singer succeeded to attract attention one again.

She was spotted leaving  her London hotel Wednesday night wearing an ensemble made of leather chains. The 29-year-old singer  stepped out wearing a black dress that was draped in leather chains that hit just above her knees. Poor girl she could barely walk. The singer paired the chains with a bright red jacket, blonde wig and polka dot tights.

This is not the first time when Nicki Minaj shows up wearing wacky outfits. At the Grammy Awards this year she appeared joined by a man dressed as Pope and she included all kinds of rituals when she performed her new song ‘Roman Holiday’.

In another news about her, Nicki Minaj has quit Twitter. The singer got upset after her album was leaked on a fan site. “Like seriously, its but so much a person can take. Good f-cking bye” she wrote after taking her Twitter offline following a battle with followers from the site Nicki Daily.
According to the rules, Nicki has 30 days  to return to Twitter before the social network removes her account permanently.

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