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Scarlett Johansson’s Boyfriend Nate Naylor Is a Coward!

Nate Naylor

Nate Naylor coward for not defending Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson rebounded with Sean Penn after dumping Ryan Reyonlds. After she and Sean split, she rebounded with Nate Naylor. Despite being an attractive man, Nate seems to be the handsome rude kind of man. Not to mention indifferent and coward. 

According to Star Magazine, this description is not far from the truth. It looks like Nate is not taking too much care of his 27-year-old
girlfriend. When the two attended an evening at hip New York nightclub The Electric Room, Scarlett got into some kind of a feud with a guy. “He just kept throwing his body toward her, dancing wildly, trying to talk to her and get her attention. He was relentless!”, one source told the magazine. What did 38-year-old Nate? He did nothing!

He “watched like a deer in headlights”. That being obvious, Scarlett understood that she needed to defend herself, like a real ‘Average’ hero. She “jumped up and alerted security, who built a wall of buff bouncers between the sexy movie actress and the threatening fan”.

Scarlett would better find another man. Someone who will defend her honor instead of sitting there like a coward while some rude guy is insulting his woman.

Scarlett began dating Nate in late 2011.

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