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Monica Lewinsky Writes Memoir About Bill Clinton Affair

Monica Lewinsky writes memoir about Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky memoir: she writes about Bill Clinton affair for $12 million

Do you remember Monica Lewinsky and the scandal she caused when she nearly brought down Bill Clinton with their love affair? Of course you do! Well now Monica is writing her side of the story. And she’s going to get paid for the book.

According to Radar Online, Monica is set to reveal shocking new secrets about her affair with Bill Clinton. The 39-year-old former White House intern will earn $12 million for the tell-all memoir. It looks like Monica is ready to tell her version and to get revenge.

“Monica has tried to move forward, but the nightmare of her affair with Bill still haunts her. She’s facing 40 without a man in her life, and seething about the way her reputation was destroyed as the whole world watched”, one of her friends told The Enquirer.

Monica will also make public several love letters she never even sent to Bill during their affair.

One thing is for sure: this memoir will affect Bill Clinton’s marriage to Hillary Clinton and probably her future political career. “With Bill’s history of heart problems, her book could be more than just revenge, it could kill him”, one source said.

In 2004, after Bill published his autobiography ‘My Life’, Monica felt betrayed by him. She felt like she protected him “out of a misplaced sense of loyalty”. No “she no longer feels that way, and her memoir is his worst nightmare”, the source revealed.

Monica had an affair with Bill Clinton while she was working at the White House in 1995-1996. When the news became public, Bill denied it at first. In the end he admitted “I did have a relationship with Miss Lewinsky that was not appropriate”. But he denied having committed perjury because, according to Clinton, the legal definition of oral sex (the only kind of sex they had) was not encompassed by “sex” per se.

If you were wondering what Monica has been doing. Well she made some money by knitting for a while. She hosted a dating reality show on Fox in 2003 called ‘Mr. Personality’. After that she went to the London School of Economics, where she earned a masters in social psychology in 2006.

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