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Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley’s Marriage Certificate Auctioned!

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

Now that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley are no longer together and that Michael Jackson died, step by step, things the star owned are put on the market. Like the couple’s original marriage certificate for example. The paper signed on May 26, 1994 in the Dominican Republic is put up for auction by Philip Weiss Auctions in New York  on January 10.
“Anything relating to Michael Jackson is of extreme interest right now because of his untimely death and the release of the movie. When you have an item that combines his name and legend with the Presley name and legend, their marriage certificate no less, with both of their signatures on it, you’ve got something that’s almost impossible to predict what it will bring at auction”,  auctioneer Philip Weiss declared.

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Tiffany said on

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

hi Michael and everyone else that reads this. i love Michael so so much and i could write a million pages about him but i will just say this MICHAEL I LOVE YOU I HAVE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD OF SOMEONE THAT IS AS LOVING AND CARING AS YOU I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART X X LOVE NOW AND ALWAYS TIFF X X X

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