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Michael Clarke Duncan, Omarosa Manigault Were Planning To Get Married

Michael Clarke Duncan Omarosa Manigault

Michael Clarke Duncan Omarosa Manigault were planning to get married

Michael Clarke Duncan died on Monday, September 3 at the age of 54. His fiancee Omarosa Manigault was with him. According to TMZ, the two were secretly engaged. More than that, they were planning to get married next January.

Michael and Omarosa kept the engagement a secret from the media. They only told their families and close friends.
Unfortunately, they plans were destroyed when Michael  went into full cardiac arrest​ July 13 and was hospitalized. ‘The Green Mile’ actor was hospitalized until his death.

Omarosa is deeply sadden by the loss of her fiance. She had doctors flown in from all over the world to save him.

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