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Michael Bolton and Lady Gaga’s song: ‘Murder My Heart’

Michael Bolton

Is Michael Bolton such a desperate artist? Yesterday we’ve told you that he made a work team with Lady Gaga . The wacky singer is supposed to write a few songs for Bolton’s new album, ‘One World One Love’. The album is set to be released in September.
Now, we have one sample of their unorthodox collaboration, a song called ‘Murder My Heart’:
”I climb up the past that I could never escape
Girl you hurt me and changed from the start
I’m just a witness to the scene of my heart
And the way you’ve been slaying my heart
You got me defenseless, intoxicated senseless
You cut me so deeply, I must confess.”
And all we want to do is to see what Michael Bolton used to sing and what of a funeral song he is making now. Here there are some of his old titles: ‘A love so beautiful’, ‘Can I touch you there’, ‘How am I supposed to live without you’ and so on.

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