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Madonna Irritates Flight Companions!



Madonna’s flight from New York was diverted to London’s Stansted Airport after the pilot was told Heathrow was a no go. So did other hundreds of flights these days.

But Madonna’s situation was a special one. She’s always special. Apparently, the whole time she had to wait to be transferred to one bus she did yoga in the aisles.

“It seemed a ­little unfair — it’s not like she is the President or anything. The rest of us all had to wait for another two hours. Madonna was taken off the plane way before the rest of the first-class people. We were all grumbling about it”, one passenger said.
But maybe this passenger didn’t know that women with babies (Brahim was with Madonna) are a priority. More than that, Madonna can’t stay too long in one room, or her face would slide off her bones.

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shle896 said on

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

What crap this story is! Madonna hasn't flown commercial in a quarter century! Give me a break.

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