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Madonna Takes a Tumble On Stage in Dallas

Madonna falls on stage

Madonna falls on stage during show in Dallas, Texas

Madonna fell on stage during her sold-out Sunday show in Dallas, Texas. The 54-year-old singer wore stiletto boots on stage. That was not a very good idea. The singer bent down to touch hands with fans in the cheering crowd. At that point, the singer fell face-forward to the ground.

Like a pro, she rolled with it and turned the tumble into a part of her routine.

After lifting her legs into the air, Madonna flipped onto her front and quickly clambered back to her feet. The move recalled her famous ‘Like A Virgin’ moment from the VMAs.

The incident came just one night after she canceled a concert due to laryngitis.

Madonna is not the first singer who falls on stage. Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna also slipped on stage, but they all recovered like real pros.

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