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Macy Gray Refused to Appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” after DWTS Elimination!

Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts

One unwritten rule says that contestants who get eliminated from “Dancing with the Stars” go on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Only that last night, when Jimmy invited the four off the show contestants (Ashley Hamilton and Edyta Sliwinska, Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts) , just three of them come on stage.

The one missing was Macy Gray! But why wasn’t she there? “Macy’s absolutely torn up about being eliminated. She put her whole heart into the show. She feels like she let her fans down”, Macy’s partner Jonathan Roberts explained.
“What’s a Grammy compared to a mirror ball?” Jonathan Roberts joked referring to the fact that Macy Gray is a Grammy winner.
At the end of the show, Jimmy ironically burned Macy’s and Ashley’s dancing shoes to symbolize the end of their dancing careers.

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joesh said on

Monday, September 28th, 2009

remember when she sung the national anthem that one time.

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