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Lindsay Lohan: $ 900,000 to appear in Playboy

Lindsay Lohan

Is Lindsay Lohan such a good actress to be so much in our attention? Maybe, but she keeps our interest for the fact that she is so troubled, not so talented. Is Lindsay Lohan a beautiful woman? Then again, who cares, as long as she entertains the media circus?
We guess that this is the reasons for which Lohan was asked to pose naked in Playboy Magazine: she always does something (but not necessarily something good).
Anyway, Lohan was offered half million dollar to appear nude! But, as a good girl, she refused: nudity is not for her! Unless they offer more! Which they did: $900,000! According to the Australian tabloid, The Day, this is the amount that Lohan might receive if she accepts to show us her bones…sorry, breasts.
“Playboy has been asking her for years, but it’s only now she’s excited about doing it.” We bet she is!
Check out this photo as a sample of what you are going to see soon in Playboy!

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Josh said on

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

She's just an ugly little troll.

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