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Liam Neeson Strips Down to Pink Underpants for Charity

Liam Neeson underpants

Liam Neeson underpants: the actor strips down for charity

When was the last time a famous actor accepted to strip off on national television? Liam Neeson did it. The actor stripped down to underpants to raise cash for cancer research.

More than that, he got soaked for the good cause. It happened on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Before getting under the water, the actor was given the option of boxers or briefs by Ellen. Liam chose the pink number.
“You are setting the bar high. Whoever follows you”, Ellen told him.

Liam was on the show to try win $10,000 for cancer research. He did it by wearing the pink briefs. “If I take this off does the 10 thousand become 20 thousand?” he tried his luck. But Hellen insisted, he would keep the briefs on. “We get fined if you take those off. I mean, some people might enjoy it, but…”, Ellen said.

So we got to see Liam almost naked. Funny! More than that, we salute his attitude. Raising money for charity like that is not only fun, but it helps those in need.

For some reason, we never imagined Lima nude. To us, he was always a “decent” man, not that getting naked when you are an actor is indecent.  We made a few seconds research and we found several photos of a naked Liam. Still, it seems to us that it’s not necessarily his style. What do you think?

Liam Neeson nude

Liam Neeson nude

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