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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Dating “Reality Star” Whitney Port!

Leonardo DiCaprio

According to some rumors Leonardo DiCaprio has been secretly dating The City’s “reality star” Whitney Port. “They met at a NYC party and he flirted with her like crazy, then asked for her phone number. She didn’t think it was a big deal because she heard he does that with lots of girls. When Leo started calling her, she thought he was just being friendly. But he called and called… He was very sweet to her. He told her how beautiful she is, how much he wanted to go out with her”, one close source describes the story’s beginning.
It seems that in  September, Leo insisted to be more than just friends with her and he asked her to join him at a street fair in Venice, CA but she said no.
“Whitney read that he was with model Anne Vyalitsyna and didn’t want it to look publicly like he was two-timing Anne with her”, says a source. But as any girl who wants to be seen with a star Whitney accepted to see him in private. So they took an intimate dinner at his Hollywood Hills a few weeks ago and it turns out that they are together now.
“She’s really clicked with him and he’s treating her very well, and of course it’s exciting that he’s such a huge star. But she’s taking it very slowly. She doesn’t want to be just another notch on Leo’s bedpost”, the source also said. We bet she is happy, after all, he is Jack from ‘Titanic’!

Whitney Port

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