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Lawsuit: Aerosmith Forced to Perform Their Best in Hawaii!

Steven Tyler- Aerosmith's frontman

Who cares that Steven Tyler fell off stage during one concert, breaking his shoulder? Maybe we do, but the judges don’t! So, although the singer is still recovering, a court order say that he has to perform alongside the rest of Aerosmith band next month in Hawaii. Just because a contract was signed!
So Aerosmith will be performing concerts on October 18 and 20 in the Aloha State after losing a lawsuit back in July, filed after the band canceled a 2007 show in Maui. The funny thing is that the court order specifically requires the concerts to have the same “quality, type and duration” as a regular Aerosmith concert, including “stage, lighting and sound quality”.
“They know they can’t come out and do a 30-minute gig … because I’ll be there watching”, Brandee Faria, the lead council for the suit declared for
The bigger problem is that Aerosmith had to cancel the rest of their 2009 tour in August after Steven Tyler fell off stage at a concert and broke his shoulder. So the singer is not in his best shape!

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