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Lady Gaga Recycles Meat Dress

Lady Gaga meat dress

Lady Gaga recycles meat dress

Lady Gaga was already famous when she appeared wearing a meat dress to the 2010 MTV Music Awards. But that dress was the subject of many discussion for years.

People who love animals were upset, crazy fashion addicted people were ecstatic an so on. We can’t say that Gaga literally recycled her meat dress (that was stinky as it was), but she wore another meat dress while performing in Tokyo over the weekend.

The singer performed on a set designed to resemble a meat locker. Photographer Terry Richardson captured the moment and made some art out of it.

And if you are into fashion, we can talk about the the meat dress just as we would talk about any other dress. The “gown” features a sweetheart neckline and skirt. But let’s be honest. This is not real meat. Imagine Gaga actually performing in a meat dress. Gross! Sweating in a meat dress it’s probably worse than anything.

So the dress is probably not made of raw meat, but of fabric treated to look like it.

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