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Lady Gaga Pukes On Stage

Lady Gaga pukes on stage

Lady Gaga pukes on stage

Lady Gaga follows younger Justin Bieber‘s steps. The 26-year-old singer threw up on stage during a concert in Spain. The singer puked a few times, but she didn’t miss a step.

Gaga was singing ‘Edge of Glory’ when she bended over with her back to the stage. She started vomiting, but immediatly she regained her balance and continued to dance.

Just seconds later, she threw up again, and then again. Every time after finishing her vomiting session, the singer stepped right back into her routine like nothing happened.

“Was praying nobody saw but actually its quite a good laugh if u need one!” she wrote on Twitter after the show. To make sure that everyone saw the moment, the singer even posted a link to the clip.

According to TMZ, quoting sources close to Gaga, the singer had been suffering from the flu before the show. She didn’t want to cancel the show, so what happened …well happened.

Gaga is currently recovering from the illness.

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