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Kristen Stewart Hates Jennifer Lawrence Competition

Kristen Stewart Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart hates Jennifer Lawrence competition. The tabloids are putting these two young actresses in competition. The reason? Both of them starred in huge movies: Kristen in ‘Twilight’ ad Jennifer in ‘Hunger Games’. They are both young, they’ll be up for many of the same parts, they are both beautiful.

The competition is not only something that tabloids have made up. The two actresses are on each other’s radars. Jennifer, who auditioned for ‘Twilight’ has already made a few comments on Kristen. And the ‘Twilight’ actress has all the reasons to be worried. While she has been the best young actress in industry for several years because of the ‘Twilight’ franchise, now Jennifer tends to take her place. Don’t forget that Jennifer is already an Oscar nominee for her role on ‘ Winter’s Bone’.
Now, 22-year-old Kristen  is terrified that she and 21-year-old Jennifer will compete for the same roles and that Jennifer might take it.

“The Hunger Games is now the talk of Hollywood and it’s predicted to do even better at the box office than the megahit Twilight series. Worse still, Jennifer is getting critical acclaim for her acting talents, which no one has ever given Kristen”, one source told The Enquirer. It looks like acting is not Kristen’s only worry. She’s also nervous that Jennifer is prettier than her. Kristen’s next chance for wonderful critics is her new film, ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, that is due to be released in June.The source added that Kristen is desperate for it to do well, but she’s very insecure.

So far, Kristen is only worried about loosing roles in front of Jennifer. But what about boyfriend Robert Pattinson? No word on Jennifer being considered a threat on that matter. Maybe Robert has assured Kristen that she’s the fairest of them all.

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liz said on

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

this is BS!

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