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Kris Jenner Gets Drunk During Girls Night Out

Kris Jenner drunkt

Kris Jenner drunk: she had some fun during girls night out

Kris Jenner is not the best role model for her family, especially for her daughter Khloe Kardashian. Mother and daughter (along with their friend Nicole Richie) partied at Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks, California on Friday, August 3.

The three women had Mexican food and plenty of margaritas. 56-year-old Kris got drunk.

At first, Kris shared a photo of Nicole and Khloe clad in sombreros. “Kickin it Mexican style . . . Friends for 18 years!” she wrote. “And counting woman!” Khloe also wrote adding her own TwitPic of the threesome. “KARDASHI-HEAVEN!” Nicole added.

A few drinks later, Kris posted another Instagram photo of herself. The picture shows Kris revealing her cleavage with a saucy look on her face. “TWITTER OR TITTER??” she wrote.

“Is it wrong to take advantage of your drunk mother???? Hummmmm”, Khloe laughed. “How are you hacked when you are posing for your own pictures???? LOL drunkie”, she added later.

The next morning, Khloe assured her fans she didn’t drive under influence. “No I was the driver. Took care of my mama”, she wrote.

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