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Kesha Sued Over Failing to Honor Recording Contract!



Pop star Kesha is facing a $14 million lawsuit. Her former managers say the singer failed to honor a commission deal for helping her land a major recording contract.

DAS Communications Inc. claims that Kesha  signed a contract in 2006 agreeing to pay the New York-based firm 20 percent of her earnings if they secured her a big music deal. Which she obviously didn’t do. More than that, the legal papers say that Kesha was allowed to cancel the business relationship if they failed to do so within a year. DAS Communications Inc. claim they fulfill their side of the deal but Ke$ha dismissed the deadline and continued to work with DAS.

In 200b, DAS arranged Kesha to sign a deal with Warner Bros. Records, but the singer’s songwriter/producer pal Dr. Luke convinced her to fire DAS as her representatives in September that year. She hierd RCA/Jive Label Group to represent her and then shot to fame with her hit single “TiK ToK”. According to Associated Press, Dr. Luke is also named in the lawsuit.
Charles Ortner, Ke$ha’s lawyer on the other hand, insists the star was fully within her legal rights when she fired DAS. “This lawsuit seeks to require her to pay him commissions on her RCA/Jive record deal that he (David Sonenberg, the man who runs DAS) had nothing to do with, long after she terminated him in writing”, the lawyer said.

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Ron said on

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

David Sonenberg, I loved “When We Were Kings.” Not long ago, I spoke with Tom Cushman, and had him autograph his book “Muhammad Ali and the Greatest Heavyweight Generation.” He is a stand-up guy, and knows a lot about the game, and the boxers. Knows the game is more important than any one ego. With that thought in mind, that the game is more important than any one ego, I offer the following words. I love Ke$ha, or Kesha Rose Sebert, or Rose, as I often prefer. I love her enough that I have offered her my hand in marriage, even though I have never met her. She is that beautiful, and good, and true. I know that, the same way I know certain aspects of the law. Check with Jack and Sandy if you have questions about the latter, I know that Tribe did not teach what I know when you were at Harvard. Still, I know it. I also know that in the game in which you have just moved, there is only one way for you to win. You need to take back your move. If you proceed on the course you have charted, you must lose. I know that. Either Rose is a woman of integrity, or she is not. If she is a woman of integrity, and you move against her, you lose, regardless of what happens in court. Always. If she is not a woman of integrity, and you move against her, you lose, regardless of what happens in court. Always. The reason you lose, if you do not withdraw your move, is not difficult to understand. To know it, requires that you have integrity. Think about it David, it is your move. Joy to you, Rose.

Boady said on

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Poor Kesha. I Have this whole story on my blog and everyone who supports my blog supports you. I love you!

Kenneth said on

Monday, July 12th, 2010

All i hear is blah blah blah. There isn't enough info in this article to base an objective opinion on. You'd have to be a fanboy/girl to support Ke$ha without hearing more.

Ron said on

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Kenneth, what is the frequency?

paul hampton said on

Monday, August 16th, 2010

oh baby your so hawt when you look like you stayed up all night on blow i love you

Bebss said on

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Kesha is amazing!

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