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Katy Perry To Bring Russell Brand Meet Her Parents!

Russell Brand and Katy Perry

It is getting serious between Katy Perry and Russell Brand! Katy, who’s afraid that her Christian parents (Keith and Mary Hudson, are pastors and run a ministry near Los Angeles) won’t approve of her romance with the British comedian, so she wants Russell to meet her family. Maybe this way they will stop thinking that Russell used to be a womanizer and an alcohol addicted.
“Keith and Mary are devoted to the church and hold the institution of marriage as a central core of their beliefs. They are genuinely happy for their daughter, but want to give Russell the once-over to check that he is suitable. Katy is as besotted with Russell as he is with her. Katy is sure that, after they get used to him, they would approve of Russell, but she wants to get that initial meeting out of the way as early as she can”, one source revealed for The Sun.
24 years old Katy and 34 years old Russell started dating right after the MTV Video Music Awards. The two of them were spotted kissing at Lady Gaga’s VMA after-party at New York nightspot Avenue. Then they spent a little vacation in Thailand and even went to the Fashion Week in Paris.

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kelly said on

Monday, October 12th, 2009

I am so happy for them!

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