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Katy Perry Goes Bare-Faced in Part of Me Movie

Katy Perry bare faced

Katy Perry bare faced in Part of Me video

Katy Perry appears completely make-up free in a new video for her upcoming ‘Part of Me’ 3-D concert movie. The 27-year-old singer goes bare-faced and she looks very pretty. We probably overreacted by saying she was “completely make-up free”, but even if she tried just a little bit of make-up, it seems like she went all natural.

You have to admit that there’s a huge difference between how she looks in the new video and her previous makeup tendencies. Sometime she can be really too heavily covered with make-up. That’s probably why she looks so natural in the new video.

Judging by the photo her former husband Russell Brand posted on Twitter, we though Katy’s real face looks awful. The British comedian shared an unfortunate snap of his then wife’s face with no makeup and it looked terrible. But this time, she is really cute. That’s why we tend to say that a clever, creative makeup artist has put just a bit of something here something there. But enough to make her look all fresh.

Our advise: Katy should see herself in the new video and think twice before going even on street with too much makeup on her pretty face.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand were married in 2010. Brand filed for divorce from the singer in late 2011 after veing married for 14 months.

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