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Katy Perry Refuses ‘American Idol’ 20 Million Offer

Katy Perry

Katy Perry American Idol: she refused $20 million offer

Guess what! $20 million is not enough for Katy Perry to become an ‘American Idol‘ judge. According to TMZ, the 27-year-old singer turned down the offer to fill one of the vacant judge’s seats on the show.

It looks like, ‘Idol’ pursued Perry for weeks in order to convince her to sign, but she said no. ‘Idol’ started the offer at $18 million. When Perry refused, they offered more. One again Perry refused. The singer made it clear that she was not interested in the job and money wasn’t the issue.

Sources close to the singer explained that she is too busy for a job like that. Plus, she didn’t think it was right career choice for her.

Let’s not forget that Mariah Carey received $18 million for the same job. She must be angry now!

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