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Katie Holmes Drinks Beer, Let Her Drink!

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes drinking beer

Katie Holmes was seen drinking beer on the set of her upcoming movie  based off Anton Chekhov’s ‘The Seagull’. In a normal world, this would be like saying that she was seen washing her hands or eating an apple.

But in showbiz this is more than just Katie sitting on a chair, enjoying a few moments and a beer. This can turn the actress into a alcoholic and a bad mother. We can imagine titles like “Where is Suri when her mother is getting drunk?” We just do a big deal out of every small detail of famous people’s lives.

It;s not like we are big fans of Katie. We stopped that when she married Tom Cruise. But maybe we should leave her alone for a while. That’s why we cover this “story”. In case everyone will attack her for drinking a beer, we won’t.

Anyway, 33-year-old Katie was wearing an all black outfit. Is she upset? Is Tom cheating on her? See how a rumor begins?

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