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Kate Middleton Takes Brother James for a Walk

Kate Middleton and brother James

Kate Middleton brother James go for a walk

When we talk about Kate Middleton‘s family it’s always about her or her famous sister Pippa. We never get to talk about her younger brother James. Until now! The 30-year-old Duchess of Cambridge was seen taking a walk with her brother through Kensington Garden. They were joined by Kate’s dog Lupo and another dog, presumed to be a Middleton family cocker spaniel.

The photo was taken by Canadian TV journalist Jocelyn Laidlaw. “Catherine Duchess of Cambridge walking Lupo today in Kensington Gardens. Lovely to see her so low-key. What luck”, Laidlaw wrote.

Kate was wearing jeans, Barbour jacket and a hat, while James donned a pair of blue jeans, a shirt and a short shelves vest. Both brother and sister seemed relax and enjoying a few moments together.

But what else do we know about James? 24-year-old James has launched a business specializing in cakes iced with smutty slogans. rumor has it, Kate was very embarrassed by her brother’s idea. If the rumor is true, she has moved on ever since. Anyway, James made a business out of “jiggly jugs”, “yummy bums” and “wriggly willies”.

“They are clearly intended to be humorous and are clearly not intended to cause any offense as is quite obvious. The Great British public is renowned throughout the world for its sense of humor and a cake design is hardly likely to cause it to lose it. We intend to embrace that sense of humor”, he said.

James is a Marlborough College and dropped out of Edinburgh University after just a year.

No wonder if he will end up becoming a famous man just like sister Pippa. Rumors has it James was gay, but we are not going to talk about it (not now). Instead, here’s a better picture of James:

James Middleton

James Middleton

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