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Julia Roberts Wearing Leggings and Crocodile Print Muumuu!

I Thought, I Thought I Saw Julia Roberts in Rome! I did, I did!

Julia Roberts in Rome

Julia Roberts in Rome

…and she was wearing that awful outfit, because we can’t call that a anything else. Julia is well known for not giving a damn about what she’s wearing while on the red carpet. She actually sends us the message: “Come to see my film, not my dress”.

But this time she was in Rome, one of the biggest city where she promotes new film ‘Eat, Pray Love’. And she donned leggings, dominatrix sandals and a glorified muumuu with a terrible belt. Not to mention the faux crocodile print.
This is what regular people wear when they go to the store.
Maybe she should have thought more about the thousands of women who came to see her and chose for something nicer.
But in the end she’s still Julia Roberts, looking a little bit fuller, but still gorgeous.

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JohnC said on

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

That's a snake skin print (python), not crocodile.

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