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Julia Roberts flirts with co-star James Franco!

James Franco and Julia Roberts

We haven’t talk about Julia Roberts and her love life in a while, and now it is the perfect time to do it. Contrarily to what you might expect, we are not going to talk about the actress and her husband for seven years, Danny Moder. No! We are going to tell you about the actress and her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ co-star James Franco who seems to have a huge crush on her. “James has a massive crush on Julia, and she’s lapping up all the attention. They’re always laughing and smiling when they’re together and sharing private jokes”, a source from the set declared for Globe.

It seems that 41 years old Julia and ten years younger James are inseparable even off the set. “Julia doesn’t need a personal assistant because James is always running off to fetch her bottle of water or cup of coffee and asking if there’s anything she needs. James can’t stop bragging about how he gets to make out with Julia nearly every day. They even shot a steamy nude sex scene, which rocked his world! He keeps saying if only she was single…..” Hey, don’t gave up, James! After all Julia has a habit of falling in love with her co-stars, so you might have a chance. At least Dylan McDermott and Kiefer Sutherland did, after they shared the screen with Julia.

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