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Joy Behar Kisses Jane Fonda on ‘The View’

Joy Behar and Jane Fonda

Joy Behar kisses Jane Fonda

Every month on ‘The View‘ there’s something called “Joy’s Month In Review” where Joy Behar looks back on notable moments from the past month of the show. It’s usually funny and it helps in case you have missed something interesting from the past episodes. Like we did last week.

Jane Fonda was a guest last week. She and Joy kissed and we missed that scene. Thanks to Joy’s Thursday’s edition we got to see the kiss. Was it showed to the people or was it filmed during a commercial break? We ask because it’s hard to believe we have missed it.

Anyway, the video shows 69-year-old Joy Behar getting on top of 74-year-old Jane Fonda and kissing her with so much passion.

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