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Did Johnny Depp, Vanessa Paradis Reunite?

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis reunite?

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis split a few weeks ago and the actor was reported to have moved on to Amber Heard. She is the same woman, Depp cheated Vanessa with in the past. Or that was also just a rumor?

Who knows? The fact is that Depp may be trying to get back together with Paradis these days.

He has flown to his home in the South of France for a family holiday with Paradis and their two children, Lily-Rose, 13 and Jack, 9.

When they split, the two announced teir intention to keep a cordial relationship for the sake of their children. But now Depp wants more. He hasn’t spent his break from filming ‘The Lone Ranger’ in New Mexico with rumored new girlfriend Amber Heard. Instead, he came to his home in the South of France. Depp reportedly brought Paradis n antique gold pendant inscribed with a message about how he will always love her.

“They are having a family holiday to show the kids they are still a strong family even if those two are split or not. But the fact he presented her with such a touching gift, it’s almost as if they could make another go of things. Johnny wants to be with his family, he’s a very family oriented man, his kids mean everything to him”, one source told The Mail.

We don’t know about you, but we hope Vanessa Paradis is just acting like an adult in front of her kids and she doesn’t actually intends to take Depp back. She has better things to do than getting back together with Depp. A fresh new relationship (even for a short while) will help her relax and feel like an young woman again. Don’t go back where you have been hurt, Vanessa!

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lily said on

Sunday, August 28th, 2016

i don't think a woman could forget such a betrayal. it's so harmful that i wouldn't accept to review his face again if i 're vanissa. i think johnny deserves all what happens to him now.

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