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John Travolta Still “Firmly Committed” to Scientology!

John Travolta

Despite the rumors claiming that John Travolta will leave Scientology after Jett’s death, the actor is still “firmly committed” to the Church.  Many people have blamed Scientology for Jett’s death and we were almost convinced that Travolta will feel this pressure, going to that point where he will leave the cult. But we were wrong!
During the extortion trial which involves John Travolta, the ‘Pulp Fiction’ actor testified that Jett was autistic. This is the first time when the star admits Jett’s illness in public. So we can’t help but wonder if his silence about this issue is due to Scientology’s unofficial position on the subject.
Anyway, according to sources connected to John Travolta, the actor has even used Scientology as ‘therapy’ in trying to handle with Jett’s death.

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Lucinda said on

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I think John is a talented actor and his beliefs should not be plastered or misused in the media. He believes in something that helps him and Kelly get through a difficult time in their life. Why is it that the media is always looking for something to make a buck on???

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