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John Travolta Kisses Kelly Preston To Cover His Guilt

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

John Travolta kisses Kelly Preston

What do we have in this photo? We have John Travolta, a man who has been sued for sexual assault several times in the past few months. Just yesterday, June 25, John Travolta was being sued by a cruise ship employee for alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2009. And this is just the last one from a long series.

Of course, Travolta’s lawyer, Marty Singer tired to deny, but it becomes harder and harder for him. There are too many  people suing his client. But Travolta is still posing as the happy married man.

In the same photo, we have Kelly Preston, a woman who is a cult member living very deep in denial. A couple of weeks ago, when the two went to Hawaii, Kelly said hat “if John was with his family more… these kind of allegations wouldn’t surface”. We all hoped that she waked up, she saw the life she was living with this man and she was ready to run. But no.

She had to attended the ‘Savages’ premiere in L.A. last night hanging all over each her husband. This is Travolta’s newest movie. He took advantage of this premiere to show very much PDA with his wife. It’s like saying “See? We kiss each other, so we are happy, so I haven’t abused anyone”. But he didn’t say it because Travolta is so clean he doesn’t even has to defend himself.

Let’s analyze their kiss for a short while. John Travolta kisses Kelly Preston like he would eat diet food against his will. “OMG, do I really need to do this? I hope they don’t see how gross this kiss is” he seems to think. See how he turns his head to avoid the touch of their mouths? It’s indeed gross! We feel so sorry for you, Kelly!

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