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Jerry Weintraub Threatened By Former Employee

Jerry Weintraub

Jerry Weintraub, the man behind ‘Ocean’s’ 11, 12 and 13 pretends that he was threatened with a gun by one of his ex-assistant, Steven, who’s looking for revenge. According to Jerry’s wife, right after they have fired the assistant, she received a phone cal lat 5 AM from the ex-employee’s daughter who told her that Steven was upset with them and that he was en-route to pick up his CZ-40 gun. Jerry’s wife added that Steven’s daughter warned them that her father “planned to come to our house with his gun”.
It seems that the employee who was fired in August this year has access to Jerry Weintraub’s house codes.
Jerry’s wife already filed legal papers in L.A. County Superior Court in which she reveals the reason for which the assistant was fired. It looks like the man stole $45,000 in cash to support a “gambling and drug habit”. In the papers, the Weintraubs are also asking a judge to keep Steven away from their entire family and their mansions in Malibu, Beverly Hills and Palm Desert.

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