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Hillary Clinton Parties in Colombia

Hillary Clinton parties

Hillary Clinton parties in Colombia

Hillary Clinton parties like teenagers do. The  Secretary of State was photographed over the weekend dancing and knocking back a beer at a club in Cartagena, Colombia.

According to TMZ, she showed up at a bar called La Havana at around 12:45 AM and stayed for about 30 minutes. The Secretary and her friends ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey and bottles of water. Hillary seemed to have a lot of fun during the party. Ignoring the paparazzi and drinking beer, she dances looking very happy.

Hillary Clinton is in town for Summit of the Americas.

It’s her turn now to be a party girl. In the past her husband, the former US president, Bill Clinton was the one in charge with having fun. He’s currently out of the spotlight, while his wife is a very visible person.

Hillary married Bill in 1975 and they have a 32-year-old daughter Chelsea together. In 1998, the Clintons’ relationship became the subject of much speculation when investigations revealed that Bill Clinton had had extramarital relations with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Despite any rumors and evidence, Hillary decided to stay married to her husband.

In her 2003 memoir, she would attribute her decision to stay married to “a love that has persisted for decades” and add: “No one understands me better and no one can make me laugh the way Bill does. Even after all these years, he is still the most interesting, energizing and fully alive person I have ever met”.

Was it love? Or was the fact that she needed her own support in politics? And better public image can you build if not with a loving forgiving wife attitude? That would be a compromise. Hillary doesn’t seem the kind of woman would would do that. But who knows?

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