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Drunk Heidi Montag Gets Horny

Heidi Montag drunk on Celebrity Big Brother show

Heidi Montag drunk on Celebrity Big Brother show

As if their own attitude is not enough, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are sometimes getting drunk. Imagine the drama!

The couple is currently part of international stars, Celebrity Big Brother show where they are not allowed to have sex. If you recall, Heidi used to say that Spencer was giving her like 30 orgasms/a day in the past. Maybe he’d only give her 20 now, but being forged to go without sex it’s juts horrible for them. So when she got drunk, Heidi began nuzzling her husband’s neck in front of their housemates.

“I wanna get naughty. I want more. I want all of you. It’s been too long. I’m in a drought”, Heidi told Spencer. Instead of stopping her from drinking, Spencer encouraged his wife to drink some more. At some point, he even smacked his wife’s butt. Heidi played the horny wife saying she wanted more.

Then she pinched her husband’s nipples before he excused himself to use the bathroom. Then he rubbed her breasts while dancing.

Later that night, Heidi and Spencer went to bed together. “Do you want me to roll on to you?” 26-year-old Heidi asked her husband. “It feels like a jiu jitsu move. I’m already locked in”, 29-year-old Spencer answered later adding “You should drink more often”.

These people’s sex life is just as fake as Heidi’s body. She pretends to be horny, he can’t even fake to be interested about it.

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